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 The Forum I Once Knew

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PostSubject: The Forum I Once Knew   The Forum I Once Knew Icon_minitimeWed Feb 07, 2007 5:59 am

Please note that this thread was originally made for the Runescape Forums, so alot of it doesn;t apply here. Though the basic idea is here. So try to think of this as a sort of guide...

*note* This thread is NOT a rant. I mean for it to be a guide for off topic users.*

I am going to start this all off by explaining my reason to be preaching the intent of this thread. As some of you know, I have been away for quite away. When I returned from my “break” some things I saw had me shocked. As I looked around, I saw so much spam. It was never like this in the old days (you know, like when roleplaying and games were still here?). I just want things to be like they once were.
Before I get too deep into this discussion I must warn all of you that this thread may seem quite long. Trust me though, its worth reading. The outcomes of understanding these issues can only be positive. I am sure that everyone has their own opinions, but what I am now writing is a base of how I believe these forums should be run. I do not expect to create a big impact on the users of these forums, or have the intent to. All I am asking for is somebody to listen. Alone, I cannot make a difference, though together we can. The next few pages will consist of several problems and solutions I see fit to correct them. All I ask is a few moments of your time to read them, and give these issues some thought.


Spam, something we all know and many of us hate. Everyday we witness this common act, an art of spamming. However, it is anything but an art. Anybody can make spam, it takes less then 20 seconds. What these mindless spammers do not realize is their effect on everyone else. Spamming has ruined this forum to the point that many do not wish to return. We have lost several of the most respected forum users to spam. There were great people that welcomed me to these forums one year ago that nowadays forumers have never heard of. And to think, that is only the smallest of spam’s effects.
We have the rights to many freedoms on these forums. Despite the rules, we are really able to do whatever we want (within reason). Excessive spam is causing Ghost to rethink our privileges. If this all keeps up we may, one day, be greeted to no off topic forum. How would that make you feel? For me, this is my home. I’m not sure about all of you, but I do not want this place to get worse then what it already has. Now that I have discussed the problem, lets talk about a solution to spam…
Unlike most problems, spam is a natural occurrence to most extent. We all sometimes feel an urge to spam, and some people can’t help it. However we can help in ways that we vent our energy. Instead of spamming try doing things positive, like an extreme sport or a physical hobby. It sounds weird, but after using up your energy physically you feel too tired to spam. Also, taking some time away from the computer is good for you, trust me. I know that I am a little of a “computer nerd” myself, and I can accept that. But also I enjoy skateboarding, biking, hiking, and skim boarding, not to mention many other sports I do.
now that I am done explaining how to avoid spamming, I can tell you how to deal with others taking part in this evil activity. Whenever you see someone spam, don’t post on their forum or comment on the spam. This will just encourage them to spam more, not to say that it is also against the rules. Instead you should leave them alone and in turn they will stop spamming. Just like a child, they will stop annoying you when you stop giving them attention. Let the mods take care of the problem from there.


This, along with spam, is one of the major problems we face here on the forums. This can be as far ranged from a negative comment to a whole fight between people. Little do these flamers realize is how the other feels for their own opinion. What do you get when you cross two people who will not admit that they are wrong? A flame war. This can and most likely will result in ban and many hidden posts. Tell me, are we being fare to the moderators taking care of the situation? No, were not.
Almost every thread these days has encountered some sort of flame against the creator. If you don’t believe me then check for yourself. After witnessing a flame you must ask yourself, ‘what made the flamer respond in this way?’. Only after asking that question will you be able to find his or her opinion on what you are saying. Sometimes people will flame for no apparent reason, this could just be plain spam, or maybe a call for attention. In whatever situation it is always best to recognize the problem before you attempt to fix it. If you do not take these precautions that you could possibly be drafted into this ongoing flame war. Now who** responsible?
Whenever you see a flame, especially against yourself, you feel an urge to fight back with a negative comment. This is NEVER the right thing to do. In my opinion, the best thing to do is ask them why they feel that way. If all you get is more negative comments that the problem can be quickly stopped with a quick trip to Forum Emergences. Believe me, positively stopping the flamers is always the best way to go. This way you can avoid sharing the blame with the flamer.


Reposting topics or double posting is a problem that many of you many now consider “urgent”. However, it is one of the biggest forms of spam that we see today. Just take a look on the first page of Off Topic. About half the threads there are a repeat, or share common ideas with another existing thread. Just type ‘emo’ or ‘injuries’ in the search, then click Off Topic. I bet you will find dozens of threads all about the same thing. Now you understand my concern.
I realize that sometimes the computer lags and you are tempted to click ‘post topic’ one or two more times, and like 4 repeat posts pop up. This is a common issue and it is forgivable. I guess you are all thinking that this is the kind or issue that I am ranting about. No, what I dislike is the reposting of topics with the knowledge of knowing other existing topics of the same meaning. Such as the popular, *Rap or Rock” threads that I have seen many of. Not only is this spam but it is VERY annoying to the people that posted the topic first. They are the original creators and most, if not all the credit should be rewarded to them.
I expect you to take care of this problem just as you would any other, Forum Emergences. Although, the mods may sometimes be a little slow to reply. In this type of situation, the best thing to do is ignore it. Eventually justice will come.


Common sense, its some we should all have. But the sad truth is, we don’t all possess this gift. There are just some people out there that fail to meet the standard of natural intelligentsia (did you know that it was a word?!). Call you what you want, but I like to describe these people as idiots. They are at the near bottom of the forum status rank, right above mindless spammers.
This is a person who maybe does not feel the need to read throughout a whole thread. Instead they assume the intent of the poster and post false comments. Note that this is not the only form of lacking common sense. Other forms exist, but I do not feel the obligation to preach them to you. Basically, the people I am talking about are the ones who expect all their information “spoon feed” to them before they feel the need to post an intelligent reply.
These people are usually associated with spam and should not be on the forums. Have hope though, eventually the majority of these people will be banned.


If you stuck with me and read the whole thing like you were told, then I greatly thank you! Even if you don’t agree with me on a few things, thanks for showing some interest. Now, as I said before, I know I will not change much. However, if we all work together with this, I’m sure some things will be different. Lets just hope for a change, because the future of the forums is in our control.

As I said before. This guide was intended to be placed on the Runescape forums. Also, this doesn't tell the rules, its just a guide!

~Fallen But Not Forgotten~
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