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 "Bad Idea"

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PostSubject: "Bad Idea"   "Bad Idea" Icon_minitimeSat Feb 10, 2007 6:26 pm

*looking up in the sky on blood gultch*
every once in a while there is a shooting star

people say they're good luck, but even if they are

there's not a star in motion that could help me now

I'm in serious trouble, and I don't know how
*Backwash, hiding near tree*
a pack of deadly creatures followed me back here
*Zombies walk slowly into view*
I am desperately hiding as they're drawing near

I wish I knew what to do or where I lost my way

so I'm carefully thinking back to yesterday

*On blood gultch driving warthog*
I was just a normal chap

but I shoulda brought a map

I shoulda…

shoulda woulda, coulda woulda

shoulda woulda, coulda woulda

*Driving in burial mounds*
I got lost and I wound up on a dirt road

I saw signs, and in retrospect they did bode

bad things, but I shrugged and I still drove
*Drives through doors in turf into town part*
through to a town where my bad luck overflowed

everybody in town was nowhere to be seen
*Jumps out of warthog and approaches door to building*
so I parked near a house that was marked thirteen

I went up to the door, but there was no one there
*Looks back to find no warthog*
and when I turned around, my car was gone, I swear
*Goes into booth by tent*
so I ran to a pay phone but there was no tone

I had an eerie feeling in my very bones
*Back to backwash*
and soon it started to rain, and there was no way out

*Runs around, shooting pistol randomly*
I couldn't hold my frustration, and began to shout
*Stops moving and zooms on face*
maybe this was a bad idea

oh no

maybe this was a bad idea

oh no

I was stuck in the rain and I was mad as hell
*Runs up slanted tree and falls down.*
so I began to run, but then I slipped and fell
*Finishes frame by falling down from top of Lockout*
I tumbled down a hill into a cemetery

I shouldn't have to tell you it was fricking scary

*Looks down and sees zombie under glass panel*
I tried to stand back up, but something held me down

a dead, rotting arm was reaching from the ground
*Sees plasma sword lying near dead human body*
I was utterly helpless till I saw the Sword
*Picks up sword and slashes at glass panel*
I quickly sliced my captor yelling "PRAISE THE LORD!!"

*Several zombies come in from all directions*
then I saw the living dead

it was then I shoulda fled

I shoulda

shoulda woulda, coulda woulda
shoulda woulda, coulda woulda

but I stood like a pillar in a hallway

I knew I'd be slaying demons that day

I stared at the rotting heaps of pure decay

and I charged with the force of a gamma ray

it happened in slow motion, I began the fight
*Slashes one Zombie
some sort of power kept me going through the night

*Starts fighting off all the others*
with that mysterious Sword beheading beasts and ghouls

just me versus them, without any rules

but many more kept rising up from shallow graves
*More zombies come to attack*
I did my best to fight them, but they came in waves
*Health goes down to near death*
and soon it was too much, just demon after demon
*Runs away and jumps off level*
so I ran as quickly as I could, screamin'

*Stands in place again in blood gultch*
Maby this was a bad idea…

oh no

maybe this was a bad idea

oh no

this was a bad idea
*walks inside building*
so here I am, hiding from Fate

I can't win, it's just too late

but something must be done

yes sirree, this war must be won
*trades pistol for rocket launcher on ground*
I know this, I won't die hiding

I know this, I must keep fighting
*picks up brute shot*
I don't know who the winner's gonna be

but there's just one way to see
*Shows person killing zombies in backwash*
it's time to kick some zombie ass, lah lah lah lah lah lah
*Sticks one zombie then assassinates another*
it's time to kick some zombie ass, lah lah lah lah lah lah
*Shoots others with rockets and switches to bruteshot, killing all the rest (about 3)

~Fallen But Not Forgotten~
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"Bad Idea"
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