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 Ghost's Guide To Story Telling

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PostSubject: Ghost's Guide To Story Telling   Ghost's Guide To Story Telling Icon_minitimeWed Feb 07, 2007 11:14 am

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Hello Authors! You may be thinking, 'why should I come here? I suck at story telling. This is gay.' Well that's cause you haven't really thoguht right. Rember these are the Story forums of FAKE stories. That means you don't have to be a smart person to think up plots and who your characters are and stuff. You can also make a funny story! Here's the genres....

-And more...

Now for a comdey, it don't take much thinking for the storyline. But you do have to think about your characters and what they do and say. To some comdeys are hard. Others it's the easiest thing in their lives.

However, it's easier to write comdeys like a play. For example,

James:I like apple

Thomas:Dude where the hell did you come from?

James:The toliet told me to do it.

*Thomas runs away*

When you have the character do something you put ** between wwhatever they're doin. if they're talking jsut type. If they're thinking just put ~~ between what they think. very simple.

For romances just write it like a normal story. Romances however you need and even about of boys and even amout of girls. You don't want to overweight them. Unless your making a story about twenty girls chasing one boy then go ahead. But if your jsut making a normal romance then you'll want the even it out. So then you can have things happen between everyone.

For action/Adventure stories. You'll want a fair amout of boys and girls. However strangly msot the time they have very, very few women in a action and more men. But if the main character's a girl then there will be more girls. But it don't matter it's totally up to you. In these, you want to think ahead of time. But not too far, otherwise you'll jsut be daydreaming and get bored of making the story cause you want to get to the part you've been waiting for, and hurry to it not caring about your grammer, spelling, and what your characters are doing. Trust me this can totally mess up a story.

Drama storys depend mostly on family or friends. Or just a lone character meeting them. Commonly it's mostly a female character looking for friends or stuff like that. Or the other way around. It's up to you what's gonig on.

For horror you got to try and think what your readers think. You got to hide what's really going on till you want them to know. You got to make them feel they're accually about to die from whatever your storie's about. Horror don't have to be monsters and ghosts. It can be a psycho killer or something.

Normally I'd give more info and hints for making a story. Speacilly horror. But I'm just in a lazy moment. I'll add stuff sooner or later.
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Ghost's Guide To Story Telling
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