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 Code Of Conduct.

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PostSubject: Code Of Conduct.   Code Of Conduct. Icon_minitimeWed Feb 07, 2007 4:35 am

Rainbow Line

I posted it on the site and I'm going to post it here too for reference purposes. New members, please read.

Transform Code Of Conduct Transform

Before using the forums you must first agree to our terms. Written in this code is basically every rule that we follow, and as you can see, there are different penalties for breaking different rules. However, the overall intention is here. Just donít break the code, or bad things will happen Twisted Evil . Also remember that these forum rules are universal, so they apply to pages on the site as well.

Dancing Mini-Me ADULT CONTENT/ PORN Dancing Mini-Me

We do not allow adult content on our forums. (Porn, Hentai, Adult Sites, etc) This can result in an instant ban from Ghost's forums. You may make weird jokes, but never show an image or advertise a site like this. We want these forums to stay fairly family friendly, so if you break this rule among others, your actions WILL BE DELT WITH! Bricks

Spam SPAM Spam

Ok, this one is a no-brainer. Just donít spam. For all you idiots/ people or just new to the chat community, spam is a Stupid Useless Annoying Message (see, its an acronym!). Exceptions to this rule allow it in extremely small amounts, or in designated places. For more information donít do anything and watch what everyone else does, lol.

Fire Devil FLAMING/ INSULTS Fire Devil

Again, it doesnít take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Donít insult with or at another player. Itís just plain wrong and does so much more wrong then good, plus it doesnít make the site look so good towards new members. This kind of rule breaking is taken a little more seriously then others as it gives everyone involved a bad name, especially Ghost and the moderators.


This one is simple, donít take something that doesnít belong to you. You know itís wrong, we know its wrong. It kind of thing has penalties that go from one strike all the way to instant ban. I donít like to make rules, but this is a must-have if we all wish for a fully functioning community. Another action that this rule covers is moderator or administrator impersonation. If someone claims to be one of these people, report it to a higher ranked individual immediately. Remember, all mods/ admins have these stars above their avatar... Code Of Conduct. Stars13

Now run off and go roleplaying or whatever. And remember, Iíll be watching you Sad No !
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Code Of Conduct.
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