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PostSubject: Welcome Users!   Welcome Users! Icon_minitimeTue Feb 06, 2007 8:29 pm

PBJ Welcome Users! PBJ

Hello and welcome to Scary Ghost Ghost's Sneaky Forums Scary Ghost ! Currently we're a very small group. But with your help Help and support we can become more! Oh, sorry I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Scary Ghost Ghost0107 Scary Ghost . But just call me Scary Ghost Ghost Scary Ghost . I am the creator and Adminisater of these forums. Now you may have some questions but that's what this forum is for. Please read the Read Me Stickys before you want to post on a new topic you havn't posted on yet. Well before you learn study more about these forums, let me tell you a bit about myself. After all, be friends with the boss your alright. In fact all the people I make Modderators are my friends. So if you get my trust, you might become one!

Now I depend on Modderators for when I'm gone. (Normally I'm either doing something else, at an art class, or just bored out of my mind!) I enjoy drawing Anime and yes I do have an Xbox Live account. My Gamer Tag on Xbox Live is Scary Ghost Ghost0107 Scary Ghost (Obvious Rolling Eyes ). I normally play Halo 2, Farcry Instincts, or Farcry Instincts: Evolution. But it may seem I get on Xbox Live a lot. But I don't. It's my step dad that's ussually on so you might get us mixed up. I'm a bit of a Punk Rocker style Rock Band and that's enough about me. Now onto my forums.

Well first off you might want to learn the history of these forums. Well, it's not very long but hell it's still history. It started off before I ever got a computer. I just either drawed in my room, went to the movies with my friends, or played a game. But then about two years ago my mom got a computer to pay her bills on cause she was tired of running back and forth from my house tot the bank. So I got on the computer and I started to play a game called Runescape. At first I liked it and played for some time now. But then just a year ago I got really bored of it. I mean trust me, play the game and get a high level of 80 or higher. You'll get really bored. So I desided to go to the Runescape Roleplaying Forums since I had nothin else better to do. There I met a few friends. Three are still here now. They are Jaj8604, Dragons2100, Lady kayko3, and Jin704. But Jaj rarly ever gets on here though. Well the Runescape Roleplaying Forums sucked ass! The rules were the most retarded rules I've ever heard, you can't have pictures (Avatars, images, etc), and you can't advertise sites there! Wtf? I can understand if they say not advertising adult sites, but I mean seriously! Dumb right? Anyways, I soon looked for a way to make my own forums. And here I am.

There's a diffrence to if we bann or Delete a topic. We delete if it breaks the forums rules. We lock if the creator is flamming Fire Devil , spamming Spam , and a few other reasons. We mainly just delete things that do with adult content or just a spam thread.

We do not allow adult content on our forums. (Porn, Hentai, Adult Sites, etc) This can result in an instent ban from my forums. You may make weird jokes, but never show an image or advertise a site like this. We go by a three strike policy. Each time you break our rules you get a strike. After three strikes the mod and/or member must tell me what that User is doing. Then I'll tlak it out and find out what's going on. If I don't like it your getting banned. Here's things I instantly bann people for....

1)Stealing others' accounts
2)Post or hosting adult content
3)No listening to the Mods/Admin

Other things will just go by the three strike policy...

1)Flamming Fire Devil
2)Spamming Spam
3)Breaking Other Forums Rules
4)Cussing or arguing with/at someone (I'll end the argument Evil or Very Mad )

Note:Your allowed to swear here, but don't overdue it. Or I will strike you.

So now me, Dragons, and Jin (Jaj don't count cause again he's rarly here) are trying to get members for these forums. And them members are you! So if your a guest reading this please join now! If your a new member that just regiestered then welcome to my forums!

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Welcome Users!
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